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Dalena Leggieri & Hooman Ebadi

How did you meet?

We are both professional dancers, dance teachers and performers…it was just so perfect that we met through dancing. I first met Hooman in 2008 when we were working in a Latin show together, I had already been working there for a year when Hooman joined. I knew there was something about him from the very moment I met him. We got quite close at one stage and then drifted for a quite a while and officially started dating in December 2009. We have been inseparable ever since, I knew my gut feeling was right all along. December 13th 2016 was our 7 year anniversary, I was so excited to be marrying this man in 5 days that I have so many memories with and now I am so excited to create many more.

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The Proposal

Ahhh the proposal 🙂  Hooman knows me well, he knew I didn’t want anything huge and public, I wanted it to be quite private as it’s a personal thing for me.

He started off the day with saying we were ‘Just having a little get away’, at the time our work hours were quite enormous so I was excited to have a break, which we tend to do from time to time so I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. He drove around the city (pretty much in circles) for a while, I think he was trying to confuse me and through me off, I then asked “are we going to the Langham?” and of course I had guessed right, we had been to the Langham a few times and decided this was our place to get away. So we pull into the concierge, head up to reception and checked in, the girl at the desk was very suss and was saying things like “everything is ready to go in the room” and “do you need anything else for the room?”,  Hooman quickly turned to me and said “ok let’s go” before she could hint anymore and we headed up to our room. Anyone that has been to the Langham would know of it’s beauty and how it constantly smells of fresh flowers (which I love). As we get to the room there it is filled with beautiful flowers and champagne, I made a comment saying…”oh I don’t remember this all being here last time”, Hooman just brushed it off and proceeded towards the corner of the room…quite strange but anyway, I went into the bathroom to freshen up as I came out he had his back turned to me and looked like he was trying to open something, He then said “Dalena can you come over here and help me” As I walked over to him, he puts out his phone which had Michael Bolton – I said I loved you but I lied playing (we love Michael Bolton too…I know cheese factory) he got down on one knee opened up this gorgeous shiny jewellery box and said “Dalena, Will you be my wife?”….aaaand I completely lost it! Tears were flowing, I just had to hug him, this moment was just so perfect and I croaked out a big “YES”!

We spent the next 2 days together at the Langham, I couldn’t have asked for anything more…I felt on top of the world and every time I look at him I remember magical moments like this.

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princess wedding dresses
Demetrios Bride Australia

Where did you get married?

We had our Ceremony at St Fidelis Church in Coburg. A bit of tradition and history, My parents got married in this church and so did my eldest brother, so when it came to organising a church there was no doubt that this would be the one. Father Justel was our Priest, he did a wonderful job, we really enjoyed our time spent with him leading up to our big day.

Special part of your day..

Our day wouldn’t be complete without some dancing of course, we had an amazing live band (Rumours Bands)  some of our guests (also professional dancers) put on a spectacular show for us that was beyond incredible and the Spectrum Full Time Dancers surprised us with a flash mob at the end of our night…It really couldn’t have been more perfect, we left the reception with the biggest smile on our faces, we really are incredibly lucky.

What was the most memorable part of your day?

There are so many points of the day that just me smile and even get teary eyed, but I would have to say my favourite moment was seeing Hooman at the end of the isle when I was walking towards him at the church. I just could not wait to see him.

How did you choose your gown?

I actually thought that I would have so much trouble finding this gorgeous masterpiece but then just like that she appeared 🙂 (yes my dress is a she because she is just so pretty). When I first tried it on I literally did not want to take it off and couldn’t wait to take it home! I love the beaded detail on the bodice and the skirt was unusual and exactly what I wanted! I felt a million dollars in this dress and knew I just couldn’t have anything else.

Thank you so much Demetrios for making my dress dream come true xx

Demetrios Bride Australia
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Any advice for future brides?

Enjoy the planning process, I had heard of so many brides being stressed out with the planning, I have to say I enjoyed every part of it and at the end of the day your wedding day is about you and your fiance/Husband, you have to have it the way you want it, that’s exactly what we did and it was perfect!

Vendors you would recommend..

Absolutely! We were happy with everyone we had working with us for our wedding.

FlowersFlowers of Canterbury

Cake – A Taste of Passion

Cars – Always Classic Cars 

BandRumours Band

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Wedding JewelleryKate Ketzel

Brides Rings –  Simon West Jewellery

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